Saturday, July 19, 2008

What I've been watching this summer...

Well, being the entertainment junkie that I am, I have to admit that this summer-without-TV experiment has been a bit rough. So, I've turned to the interwebs for my television viewing, and thankfully, have found some new faves along the way. I'm always up for recommendations, but here's what's been tickling my fancy lately.

  • Mad Men. OK, those of you that I see on a regular basis are probably sick of hearing me talk about this show. Whatever. I love it. The costumes, the advertising world, New York City. It's all great. The setting takes you right back to the 1960's, and if you overlook a few things (the treatment of women, the booze, and the incessant smoking), you almost want to live there with them. Watch season one before the second one starts next Sunday.

  • Californication. Thanks to Netflix, I was able to catch up on this show's first season. I attempted to watch the show when it aired on Showtime, but wasn't convinced. Since then, however, I have fallen for the boozing, meandering ways of Duchovny's Hank Moody. He's witty and gritty, but he does it so well.
  • Weeds. After a lackluster last season, which ended in Mary Louise Parker fleeing her suburban neighborhood, the show has made a comeback. A lot has changed- gone are Helia and Conrad- Nancy's pot providers. Also gone is the "Little Boxes" theme song. The content, however, is back and better than usual. It's no second season, but Nancy's border-crossing drug dealings are keeping me tuning in.

So. There you have it. My recent television obsessions. Any suggestions? I'm more than happy to entertain (no pun intended), a new venue.