Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Lone Star State of Mind

So. I made the big move. I said goodbye to Texas. I ate Mexican food for weeks, drank some Lone Star, and got my Alamo Drafthouse fix. Ready or not, here I am. As I settle into my small (yet FREE) living quarters- wherein I cannot open my closet and front door at the same time- one would think, why would someone leave the cheap-to-live, easy-to-work in state of Texas?

To get the job of my dreams, of course! I am participating in an amazing program at MTV networks and am beyond excited. We are placed in a department (mine's MTV), and every friday we work as a team on a special project. An amazing network has been set up for us, and I am so proud to be a part of it.

That being said, moving to New York with the indefinite mindset is a bit scary. Eventually, the meal ticket stops. No longer is the housing free, no more are the dorm meals (not such a loss). Once this "real" phase of adulthood kicks in, I fear I may have myself a full-blown panic attack. Scary!! Alas, I'm embracing it. In a generation where many of my colleagues have taken a just-to-get-a-job sort of vocation, I am fortunate enough to be in the position to (hopefully) get a job in the field where my passion lies.

So, cross your fingers for your departured comrade. As I said in my previous post (before I found out about my employment), I may soon be eating top ramen morning, noon, and night.